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January news

Well, the biggest news is getting this new-look website up. I’ll leave my old blogger posts up for awhile. Many thanks to Tony Geer, my website designer. You’ll still be able to find the global warming blog as a separate entity, visit my livejournal for very informal posts, and drop by for futurist postings, […]

January 2007 reading recommendations

Beka Cooper, by Tamora Pierce I’ve been meaning to read Tamora Pierce for some time, and well, you can guess why this title actually made me buy the book. Was I ever glad I did. This is voice. The story, characters, setting, all fine. I would have enjoyed the book, but not necessarily recommended it […]

Some contemplation of ancient cultures

There is a very interesting article in this week’s Nature magazine about a greek calculating machine, the Antikythera mechanism, which modeled the movements of the heavens. Although you can’t get to the article unless you’re a subscriber, some information is available on the wikipedia. Pretty cool. I’ve been studying Mayan astronomy for the novel I’m […]