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Nice Review of Short Story

Purple Pens has a nice review of my story, Horses of the High Hills, which appeared in Children of Magic, edited by Kerrie Hughes (DAW).

News: Radcon, Arizona, and the Silver Ship and the Sea

Well, I had no connectivity at Radcon and almost none the following week in Arizona…so this will be a long catch-up. Radcon was wonderful…a great group of people. The concom there does a wonderful job, and takes excellent care of their pros. I actually got a chunk of writing done as well. And there is […]

Off to Radcon!

I leave tomorrow for the Radcon convention in Pasco, Washington. That’s in the tri-cities, right around the Hanford nuclear plant (thus the name). I’ll get to visit with a lot of my friends – largely people who live around here but who I’m more likely to get to spend time with at a convention. Strange […]

Fast Forward 1 Available

Fast Forward 1 is an anthology edited by Lou Anders at Pyr. Larry Niven and I have a story in the anthology. Overall, the table of contents is fantastic. I’ve only worked my way through a few of the stories, and am really looking forward to finding time to read them all. The anthology has […]

Scribbles on Writing Process

The death of characters I’m just gearing up to start writing the climactic scenes in my novel-in-progress, tentatitivley titled Mayan December. I noticed that I keep getting stuck in one of the viewpoints, which follows a current timeline that gets mixed in with a past one. My usual style is to write forward always, just […]