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Reading Recommendation: The Tenth Circle

Jodi Picault swept me away with her tender and frightening novel, The Tenth Circle. I was so glued to it last night my family kept asking if I was okay, and while I was at work today I wanted to stop and finish the book so badly I kind of knew where it was all […]

Reading Recommendation: The Universe in a Single Atom

My current ipod track is the wonderful book by the Dalai Llama, THE UNIVERSE IN A SINGLE ATOM: THE CONVERGENCE OF SCIENCE AND SPIRTUALITY. Now, I know I was a strange twenty-something, but I read the dialogues between Krisnmurti and David Bohm about then in my life, and loved them. I read “Zen and the […]

Spring Sunset Over Lake Chelan

At the far end of the long lake High white-kissed mountains rise above a Gentle joining where two slopes meet to Fall into the darkening water, blue-black under Apricot clouds, the gold falling on rain falling on Seattle where I have to go tomorrow And this is a perfect moment

Reading April 25th in Kirkland

At Park Place Books. This is a local independent bookstore that was flooded out during the winter storms this year and is struggling to recover. The staff is great and they have both books and gifts available. There is also a good sushi restaurant and a good wine bar nearby, and free parking. Hope to […]

Stephen Hawking Lecture Notes

I saw Stephen Hawking for the second time last night. Seeing that man work gives me the same fundamental reaction: best stop whining. Dr. Hawking’s disease has progressed so far that he can only select words to use with a mechanism that recognizes when he blinks. A blink moves the cursor. The cursor has what […]

Coming up: A Marathon Weekend

Tonight: signing for SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA at University Bookstore at 7:00 PM if I get there across the 520 that fast 🙂 Tomorrow night: for some reason I must have forgotten to check “no programming” for Thursday night since I got myself set up to drive to Seatac for a one hour panel […]