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Clarion West Season is On!

For any of you in the Seattle area, I recommend stopping by the Clarion West readings (at the SFM) on Tuesday nights. Clarion West is a non-profit organization, and is always grateful for donations. One way to donate, and encourage a writer, is to sponsor someone in the write-a-thon. No, I’m not writing for it, […]

That post-book thing….

Put the second draft of MAYAN DECEMBER in the mail yesterday. The first draft wrote itself, but the second one took a while. I’ve been out and about doing readings for THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA. Well, when you read your prose out loud, it sounds different than it does than when you read […]

Reading Recommendation: Quantico, by Greg Bear

I was in the middle of two assigned reading books (for a group studying bestsellers), but a moment came when I didn’t have either of those books handy, so I picked up Quantico. Well, so, I’m just now starting the number two assigned-reading book, having lost three days of reading time the moment I started […]