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Harry Potter: Ramblings

Just finished the last Harry Potter book. Very well done. Fabulous. Bittersweet sad to be at the end of a story you’ve loved for years. I finished it in about 24 hours (including the minor distractions of work and sleep), but before I got my hands on it, I had some time to think about […]

Reading Recommendation: MainSpring, by Jay Lake

First, this book is getting a bit of buzz. No, I haven’t seen it on the internet; I suspect it’s out there, too. But as I’ve been carrying it around reading it for the last few days I’ve had three separate people tell me they’d heard the book is good. And it is. Jay often […]

Review: Chip Delaney Reading at SFM Tonight

Part of my writing process is to hear from other writers. So tonight I went to listen to Chip (Samuel R.) Delaney at the SFM. Listening gave me a number of good reminders: Be Brave: Chip is a reminder to be brave. To not care if you are submitting experimental writing. To not care if […]

Reading Recommendation: Al Gore’s “The Assault on Reason”

I just finished listening to this book on Audio CD on my iPod. There are a lot of messages in it, some delivered in a more balanced way than others. But the most important topic is one I often talk about when I give keynote speeches: the conversation about the future is one of the […]

Interview Posted at Educated Earth

There is a new book review and interview about Building Harlequin’s Moon posted over at the Educated Earth site. I really like that book, and so it’s nice to see it get noticed. I’m three novels past that now (1 published), so it’s always a pleasant surprise to see it pop up in a new […]

The Page 99 Test

The Page 99 test suggests that if you open a book there and read, you get a good sense for the quality of the whole book. I got asked to do a blog entry for The Page 99 Test about The Silver Ship and the Sea. It was actually kind of fun to look and […]

Back from Hawaii

I can’t decide if it’s a writer’s paradise or not. I think I’d get bored if I lived there; we were getting bored after a week and a half. Although I must say that to a girl that grew up in California, a warm ocean was pretty close to the best thing in the world. […]

Off to Hawaii

We fly away tomorrow for a family trip and to watch my son get married. Maybe I’ll get a chance to post a few good pictures. In the meantime, I have made the last few Clarion West parties, and the crop of students this year seems quite bright. The parties are also a great place […]