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Worth Watching

Figures that as soon as I mention how I almost never watch TV (so I have time to write), I’d get caught up in a show. I took four hours out of my life to watch “God’s Warrior’s” on CNN, an excellent bit of investigative reporting by Christiane Amanpour. The series was three two-hour shows, […]

I’ve had the same question three times in three days

“How do you write books and do your job?” The answer is not anything real hard to figure out. I can write 750 words (three manuscript pages) in one to two hours if I have any energy at all. 750 words a day adds up – I started the book I’m working on 10 days […]

2007 State of the Future

I just got my copy of the Millenium Project’s 2007 State of the Future. I was a participant in the study this year – which I really felt honored by when I was asked. I’m not quite sure how the invitation found me….maybe via or a board I’m a member of at The LifeBoat […]

Back in the Hunt

July was all short stories and trips to sandy beaches and on late trains. Weddings and anniversaries and anthology stories (a favorite of mine – I like writing to themes). So now it’s finally looking like August will be writing my next novel. Or starting, anyway. At first I chafed at the idea of something […]

A few story sales

Story sales come from keeping things in the mail, and from following up, and hopefully also from anthology invites. I haven’t been doing very well at keeping things in the mail the last year or so, and then a fit of good behavior came over me and I mailed out everything. The universe rewards good […]