Brenda Cooper

I’ve had the same question three times in three days

“How do you write books and do your job?”

The answer is not anything real hard to figure out. I can write 750 words (three manuscript pages) in one to two hours if I have any energy at all. 750 words a day adds up – I started the book I’m working on 10 days ago, and now I have 7,500 words. 7,500 words might even be 10% of this particular book, since it’s written as a YA. But even if we guess it’s be more like 90,000 since I always always exceed my wordcount targets, then that’s 120 days for a first draft, or four months. Two more months to a second draft. Two books a year if I want them. In one to two hours a day.
I get that by not watching TV.
So you can do whatever you want to do, right? Books, scrapbooks, dancing, learning a language. A favorite writer of mine, Robert Heinlein, had a favorite character of mine, Jubal Harshaw in “Stranger in a Strange Land,” call the TV something like a stupid babble box. He was right.
Since I’m responsible for two TV stations at work, I will clarify. Commercial TV is a stupid babble box. 🙂 And the way I write books and do my day job, is I don’t watch it.
Except now I have my 750 words in, and I think I’ll go catch the last of High School Musical II with the family