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Reading Recommendation: Maximum Ride (the trilogy)

This is a YA series by James Patterson. It’s very, very clever. I’d call it “Wizard of Oz meets Frankenstein in the Brave New World with a really, really cool protagonist. Add spice from superhero comics.” I shouldn’t have to comment on Patterson’s prolific ability to write an engaging story – he’s kind of a […]

Paperback of Silver Ship and the Sea Pub Date

Based on my Google alerts note this morning, Amazon in Canada is advertising the paperback version The Silver Ship and the Sea for July, 2008. Now, the US version of Amazon doesn’t show it at all. The book has been widely avaiolable in Canada, at least according to some of my friends who’ve gone to […]

Sci-fi Favorites at the Symphony

Toni and I went out to the Seattle Symphony last night. They played “sci-fi favorites” with a laser show — I highly recommend it! Its pretty easy to forget that a lot of our science fiction moveis really have fabulous scores.

Workshops can be good for the soul

I attended a writing workshop at the Hugo House yesterday with Charles de Lint. He is one of my favorite authors – he writes clean, upbeat, intersting fiction where his characters deal with current problems – all of it set in cities and towns and touched by magic. He calls it Mythic Fiction (and says […]

A Little Follow Up

From my last few blogs … From the September 11th vigil, and relating to future vigils…the Citizens on the Lake for Peace website. Nicely done. Second…I really think good engineers might save the world some day. Part of that could be because my dad is one, and he saved me a few times…but aside from […]

Google’s Winning Moon Madness

The space enthusiast in me is really pleased with Google this week, as they’ve announced a prize for getting commercial craft developed to land on the moon. In this case, read that as real people instead of big government. They also picked a nice spot — the moon is close enough. They’re suggesting unmanned craft, […]

Thoughts from the night after

So I did go to the vigil last night. It felt like it made September 11 meaningful. I even took the microphone once, and said something about how we had squandered a great chance for world peace in the year after 9/11 by choosing bombs instead of care packages and education, by choosing guns instead […]

Thoughts from the night before

Six years ago tomorrow my alarm clock, set to NPR news, delivered me into a waking nightmare. Sometimes I am still convinced it must be a bad dream – its hard to believe we squandered the outpouring of world support, mired ourselves in a pointless war when we should have given the Middle East a […]

Things Sneak up on You

I was filing papers tonight, so I took a few moments to update my list of publications, and found I have seven short stories pending publication – which might be a personal best for all at one time. And mostly, that’s the result of taking an extra month after the last book to focus on […]

Reading Recommendation: Down and Out on Coyote

I just love Allen Steele Coyote stories. There’s a new four-parter started in the Oct/Nov 2007 Asimov’s. I was actually thinking of not renewing my subscription (yes, I love the magazine, and I want to support it: no I don’t have time to read it regularly and it’s a tree-killer that I have been ignoring […]