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Progress on the Fremont’s Children Series

Many bits of news on this series. I just received the copyedits for READING THE WIND, the second book. It appears to be scheduled to come out in July. I’ll be reading every page of a 400 page manuscript out loud (after my lessons with MAYAN DECEMBER where I ended up having to do that […]


A reader wrote to me about endings yesterday – or more specifically, about the ending to Building Harlequin’s Moon, which he didn’t like. I was sorry he didn’t like it, but there’s not much possible to do about an ending that’s already published, and in this case, written so many books ago I’d have to […]

A nice writing week

Sometimes it’s the small things, which do all add up. I made my writing goal of 750 words a day (3 pages) every day this week I got an unexpected opportunity to play ultimate frisbee with some of the guys from work, and it was a brilliant fall day (yes, exercise is related to writing […]

Musing on Alan Greenspan’s book, The Age of Turbulence

Alan Greenspan has much in common with many of my favorite classic science fiction writers. Heinlein, Niven, and others claim Libertarian leanings, and so does Greenspan. They are also all pretty smart people that really want to understand the world. Greenspan’s book is pretty close to a key about how some parts of the world […]

Oregon Coast Writer’s Workshops Return

I’m a lifelong student type. I only have a BA as far as formal degrees, but I dip into classess on management and leadership from time for my day job. And for my writing, I try to do at least two to three workshops a year just to keep new ideas and information flowing. Easily […]