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Reading Recommendation: The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World

Alan Greenspan’s autobiographical look at economics is well worth the read (or whatever – I listened to it as an audiobook). That old saying about discovering the power by following the money is so often true it has become part of the common cliche library. Well, this is a book about money. It’s a little […]

Misc Book News

Apparently SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA was Thanksgiving reading for a few people – I got some compliments on it via email this weekend. That always makes me feel good – a writerly dream is that some stranger will like your work. And then if they do, it’s surprising. The copyedits for READING THE WIND […]

Futures from Nature is Out

I have a story in it – there are a hundred of them. On the way home on the bus today, I got to read a few of the stories…very nice. I’m looking forward to the rest of it. The table of contents is great – Greg Bear, Artur C. Clark, Gregory Benford, Nancy Kress, […]

Reading Recommendation: The Hearts of Horses

Molly Gloss. I first discovered her when she wrote a wonderful science fiction book about a generation ship called The Dazzle of Day. This was before she wrote Wild Life, the book all of Seattle read one year (except me). Her short fiction still shows up sometimes in genre magazines, and it’s very, very good. […]

Reading Recommendation: Interworld

I finished two books today – a hardcover physical book (see separate post to come) and an audiobook while I was walking the dogs. The Audiobook was a YA, InterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. It’s a story set in multiple universes – which is one of my favorite sci fi tropes to write […]

Flash Fiction: Alien Graveyards

I have a piece of flash fiction up at Alien Skin magazine. That means really short fiction. This is the third I’ve published – the other two are both print publications in Nature Magazine. It’s a fun form to work in – trying to get emotion out in just a page or so of text. […]

Reading Recommendation: The Alchemist

I got to ride the bus today, which means I finally finished Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST. A very fun little spiritual candy read…I thoroughly enjoyed it. It fit right in line with books like TUESDAY’s WITH MORRIE or CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD – the sort of thing it does me good to pick up once or […]