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Reading Recommendation: Maximum Ride, The Final Warning by James Patterson

There are reasons Patterson is such a phenomenally successful writer.  Among them is an ability to tap into our collective needs/angst as well as just managing pacing and hooks better than just about anyone else. Anyway, he hooked me through the latest edition of his Maximum Ride books.  If you haven’t met Max yet, well, […]

Writing on the Lake, with the Lake, and Many Others

There are many different kinds of writing workshops.  I’ve been tasked to write all night – given a 10,000 word story assignment and told to finish it in 24 hours (yes, its possible).  I’ve been on Kelley’s Island in Ohio with some fabulous east-coast and mid-country writers. critiquing novels.  It’s good for my soul to […]

Molly Gloss’s reading

Earlier, I recommended Hearts of Horses, by Molly Gloss.  We are, in fact, reading it in the writer’s book group which studies best-selling author’s work.  Since I noticed she is touring our area, I went to her reading at the Bellevue Regional Library yesterday.  Molly is one of those writers who evokes a really strong […]