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Watching Recommendation: Orwell Rolls in his Grave

I watched Orwell Rolls in his Grave, a documentary made in 2004 about the media.  What curious science fiction writer could ignore that title, right?  The pointer I got to it was from Mark Anderson, of Strategic News Service, who is one of the brighter thoughtful futurists I know.  It turns out that’s is a movie […]

Writer’s Read Posted What I’m Reading!

Pretty cool.   You can see the entry here.  I’m listening to Cabaret over and over, now on the Joel Grey and Liza Minelli version. Boy, when I get obsessed, I get obsessed. Jeez. I’ve even been listening to it on my walks and runs. In this case its the story – Cabaret has so much in such […]

Place and Time in Story

I saw Cabaret at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle last week.  Although I have seen the movie, this was the first time I’d seen the play staged.  It was fabulous.  I also gave some thought as to why it has been such an enduring story.  Many works about the same time period have stayed […]