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Science, Social Questions, and Science Fiction

I’m starting a series of blog posts related to THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, which comes out in paperback July 1st, and FREMONT’S CHILDREN which has it’s hardcover release July 22nd. Sometimes science fiction is just a good story.   And all of the best science fiction is a good story, even if it’s also […]

Reading Recommendation: In The Moon of Red Ponies, by James Lee Burke

I’m still on setting.  Burke is one of my favorite authors for setting, and I’ve read many of his books that deal with the deep south.  He also lives in, and writes about, Montana.  In the Moon of Red Ponies is one of the Montana books.  It has the same magical quality to it as […]

William Gibson Interview

I’ve never understood why most lectures aren’t better attended.  There were a hundred or so of us at the U last night listening to Nancy Pearl interview William Gibson, but in a city the size of Seattle, every seat should have been taken.  The best news, is many that were taken were taken by my […]

Studies in Setting

A few posts ago, I promised to discuss the outcome of reading three books and studying setting.  As a reminder, this is associated with a group of writers I gather with to discuss bestsellers, so we pick bestselling work for a variety of genres and look at different characteristics, often following Zuckerman’s book, but sometimes […]

Reading Recommendation: Good Daily Newspapers

The futurist and the writer in me adore the morning paper. Why? It’s an industry that matters – read it online or get ink on your fingers.  But we need a free press, and while the blogosphere is a grand part of that, we need press that has some funding and staff as well.  Think […]

Opening Chapters

A few years ago, after BUILDING HARLEQUIN’S MOON but before I finished THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, a fellow writer who was one of my first readers (Darragh Metzger) commented regularly on chapter openings.  She took me to task everytime I opened with anything except specific sensory details.  Well, for my writer’s reading group, we’re […]

Hurray for the Elements of Change

I’m pleased with the price of gas.  Change is already happening.  Our Mayor came back from a climate conference where one speaker said the measured particulates in the air are already slightly lower since gas went up.  He said people cheered.  Elementary economics:  Price changes behavior. Global warming warning signs are coming faster and harder […]