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Reading Recommendations: Short Work

I just returned from a delightful long weekend on the Oregon Coast, where I attended a short story workshop with Sheila Williams, the editor at Asimov’s Science Fiction.  As prep for the workshop, I had to read all of the stories that have come out in Asimov’s so far this year.  That’s a LOT of […]

Ten Jobs of 2050 – Only Slightly Tongue-in-cheek

I was cleaning up spacing issues on old posts yesterday, and I ran into a promise I’d made to post my notes for a panel I was on at the World Science Fiction Convention.  So here they are: 1.       Nanomanufacturer programming:  We may have the all-purpose assembler machine by then.   Well, someone needs to tell […]

In Which I am Interviewed Twice, and Slightly Flustered

Lately, I’ve been interviewed twice in one week, and I’ve probably only been interviewed twice before in my life related to writing.  As an author, this is both very cool, and slightly disconcerting.  I like being interviewed, and I’m a little embarrased by the whole thing, too.  Anyway, one interview is at Adventures in Sc […]