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Reading Recommendation: Two Cautionary Tales

Some of our most famous work in SF is cautionary tales.  Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, 1984.  Most of the world remembers these stories.  I’m writing short fiction this month, so that’s what I’m reading.  Two stories I finished last night fit beautifully into the category of cautionary tales.  Both stories are downright chilling, which […]

Reading Recommendation: Ken Scholes’ Long Walks, Last Flights, and Other Strange Journeys

I’m at the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary, Canada.  I just got to go listen to a small quiet concert played by Ken Scholes.  It was quite wonderful, and reminded me of sitting by Charles de Lint’s feet once when he played (although their music is different), and also of  recent Neil Young Concert.  No, […]

About Our Space Program

I’ve been researching the moon and the moon landing for a story I’m working on.  Googling the moon landing on YouTube produced NASA video of the event, and video debunking that it ever happened.  I’m old enough that I actually watched it on TV.   My dad is a rocket scientist, and was associated with the space […]

I hope I just bought my last gasoline car

By way of introduction to this post, In the past, I kept a separate global warming blog.  I’m going to move those posts here.  I haven’t been good at keeping up because of book deadlines and a delightful four-footed whirlwind of puppy energy named cricket (see www.threedogsblog.comif you are interested those details).  But playing with a […]

“A Book for All Seasons” does a webpage for me, and some futurist ruminations

Heading off tomorrow, on a car trip with my parents along, to a signing at the local independent bookstore in Leavenworth, Washington, “A Book for all Seasons.” They did a local authors webpage for me:  This kind of labor of love just amazes me.  It’s also very nice to be going on a kind […]

For the Love of Independent Bookstores

I have a book signing coming up this weekend, in Leavenworth, Washington.  I’ll be at A Book for All Seasons on Saturday from 1-3, and I’ll be on the radio on Thursday as part of the “The Two O’Clock Show” on AM Station 560/KPQ in Wenatchee. All of this happened by magic -or at least […]