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An Ordinary Futurist Goes to a Bookstore and Finds Clean Energy (Maybe)

For the past week or so we’ve been partially snowed-in.  No driving for me, anyway.  I’m a snow-and-ice wimp.  Well, the resident twelve-year-old and I got the housebound hives last Saturday and made our way over the piles of snowplow slop to the bus stop and hitched a ride to our local Borders.  She went […]

Climate Change Predictions for 2009

I recently posted both my predictions from last year, and how they came out.  So here we go for this year.  Most of these predictions shouldn’t feel like surprises; very few are wild cards. First, what we’ll see as far as physical manifestations includes: More wild weather in the form of more extremes for local […]

‘Tis the season for hope

Seeing as how it’s Winter Solstice, which is traditionally a time of hope, a time of turning to the growing light and looking for the good, I thought a hopeful post would be nice.  The news today is not as hopeful as one would like – the economy is being talked about as worse (which may […]

A smart power grid would be nice just now

I’m in the Seattle area (Bellevue, to be exact) watching an ice storm develop outside.  The tiny pellets of snow that fell while we were cooking dinner have turned to tiny pellets of ice, and it’s become quite cold and dark outside.  At the moment there is light shining on me and a mess of Christmas […]

Revisiting my 2008 Predictions

Back on January 6th of ‘8, I made a series of global warming predictions. Here is what I said: I wanted to start out with my 2008 predictions around climate change. First – an overall observation – we’re holding our breath for the elections to be over. At least in America, and maybe worldwide. That’s […]

Reading Recommendation: Ender in Exile

Orson Scott Card has a new entry into the world he created with Ender’s Game.  I truly loved Ender’s game, but it dawned me I’d read it a long time ago.  In fact, it came out in 1977, and so it might have been 30 years ago, and was certainly at least 25 years ago.  […]

Smart Power

Last week, I listened to energy futurist Jesse Berst talk.  He spoke primarily of the smart grid.  This post is not a recap of his speech per se, but certainly he gave me new ways to think about energy and some of that gift is what I’ll write about.  If you get a chance to […]