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Scientific Choices and Climate Change: It’s All About Scale

I came across an article on CNN today about a new rice variant that will withstand longer floods.  I immediately thought, “That’s perfect.” While there are a lot of climate change conversations going on right now, I want to simplify the suggestions to “big engineering” and “small engineering.” Do you remember either of the abortive […]

Our dogs live like science fiction characters

I had a stray thought while I was making the dogs breakfast this morning. Here is what goes into their three pretty little ceramic bowls: Embark:  a dehydrated raw dog food A handful of normal kibble which, like the Embark, looks nothing like real food Salmon oil that has been shipped in from Norway and […]

Reading Recommendation: Devon Monk’s Magic to the Bone

For those of you who think a good rollicking urban fantasy is preferable to an evening in front of reality TV, have I got a treat for you.  Magic to the Bone creates an alternate, gritty Portland where magic runs under the streets and isn’t – exactly – free.  The quote from the back cover […]

Two Movies for Writers: Benjamin Button and Doubt

If you’re trying to justify taking a few hours away from your writing desk to go to the movies, I recommend these two.  There may be more worth recommending, but I don’t get out much.  Anyway, here’s my reasoning: Doubt is a masterpiece of characterization.  Even the minor players are rich with personality, and the […]

2009: What to Worry About, How to Hope

It looks late, but I typically do my outlook for the year in mid-January.  As a futurist, I’m no expert.  Rather, I weave together the things I heard and read with my own impressions.   Of course, there are expert futurists in particular fields, but I like the variety of many audiences. Remember, futurists have no […]

I’ll be at RustyCon this weekend

I’ll be at the Seattle Airport Marriott at the Rustycon convention —  Panels I’ll be on include: Saturday at 10: The Next 50 Years in Space Saturday at noon:  Characters are People, too Saturday at 3:00:  World Creation in Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday at 5:00:  BIG Strides Forward Sunday at 10:30:  Signing Sunday at […]

The Relationship Between Expectation and Outcome

Since I’ve been working on my own 2009 predictions in the back of my head, I’m particularly attuned to other articles about the topic.  I’m amazed at how many of them are downright negative. Expectations are a driver of the outcomes.  They are not the only driver (I’m not nearly that new-age!) but they matter.  […]

Appearance at Seattle Barnes and Noble in Honor of Louis Braille Tomorrow

 Saturday, January 3rd 12:00 pm  Jake and the Secret Code 1:00  Beedle Bard Story time 2:00  Author Signings Brenda Cooper, Amber Kizer, Louise Marley  Sunday, January 4th 2:00pm Happy Birthday Louis Braille ~ Braille ~ Life, Literacy & Learning 3:00 pm  Author Signings Kat Richardson ~ Larry Karp      Hosted by: Barnes and Noble […]

All right, I know we all hope Barak is THE ONE

I mean, we all elected him, right?  I gave at the campaign (a first), wore stickers (a first) and have my T-Shirt to wear on inauguration day (another first).  Between the huge upside showiness of November 4th and now, I’ve seen more than I expected out of the campaign.  Good emails, requests to participate in […]