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A Story of Engagement

I usually wake up with fiction stories in my head.  I’ve kept writing fiction in the last month, but the stories in my head lately have mostly been blogs. Here’s the futurist take on it: Earth has become a computer connected world. I’m a science fiction writer – so a bigger percentage of my readers […]

How do I revise?

The kind and very busy Shaun Farrel has once more allowed me to post up a guest blog entry at his site, adventuresinscifipublishing….this is the thuird entry of four…I already gave away one book – I will give away another to someone who comments on this post, or the last post next week.

Me on Video on (and Amy, and Kanna, and Glen)

I think they came out OK.  Whoever likes how they look on camera?  But I said the right stuff….and since this was first for this kind of sit-down video, I now know not to nod so much and to curl my hair….. Stolen directly from Glen Hiemstra’s newsletter article: Video interviews with the team […]

Random thoughts about the book business

I just went to Borders, and bought three books. Two hardbacks, one trade paper. Charles de Lint: The Mystery of Grace. I know I will like this one. $24.95 Philip Hensher: The Northern Clemency. For a book group. $26.95 Antoinette May: The Sacred Well. I’m a sucker for all things Mayan. $14.99 That was $72.91 […]

The Future in the Seattle Times

People often ask me how to become a futurist.  Mostly, it’s keeping your eyes open and being willing to think about – and talk about – what you see.  So here’s mu Sunday morning take form the front section of the Seattle Times. In the Weekly Review section, there is a picture of a fembot […]

In which I am included in a list

Of women science authors by Mike Brotherton.  That’s lovely, since I noticed today that I’m not even in the list of science fiction authors on Wikipedia. But then, it has a lower reputation for accuracy than Mike does. So drop by and help him figure out who he has left off.

New Guest Blog Post at Adventures in SciFi Publishing

How do you do first drafts?  Shaun Farrel over at Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing has posted the second installment in my short guest blog series.  In this one, I talk about my process for spitting out first drafts and ask for comments on how other writers work at this stage. Also, if you drop […]

Bioethical Issues: All in a Day’s Work

Yes, this is where the futurist speaker and the writer in me get all tingly…. I spent all day working on my next futurist presentation.  After all, my last slide deck was made BEFORE the election and the recession and all that change.  So I’m talking about three topics – demographics, medicine, and the environment.  […]

Cameras, Snow, Rivers, and a Circle of Readers

First, there was the snow, falling in unexpectedly large amounts during the video shoot for  And then the forecast for ice the next morning, so I drove down to Longview in the dark and the falling snow, white-knuckled at times, mostly so I wouldn’t miss the last stop on this list.  I made it, […] Exciting New Programs

On Monday, a surprise spring snowfall back-dropped our futurist video shoot.   While the snow fell and we worried a bit about travel, I had the pleasure of catching up.  I’ve been associated with for over a decade, but I don’t literally work there, and I miss a lot of the daily new ideas.   Kanna […]