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Me on Video, then in Portland

Now that I’m back from the Rainforest Writers retreat, I have two more “shows” in the next two days: Tomorrow I’ll be doing a video with Glen Hiemstra and a few other folks, which will how up on my website soon.  Think of it as futurist speaking marketing, I guess.  People keep saying they don’t […]

Rainforest Writer’s Retreat: Last Day Report

Snow on Lake Quinault Winter came by last night, this moment when we turn the clocks forward.  I had thought I was done with it, and didn’t want to see any more snow.  But it is so pretty here that I am inclined to forgive winter for hanging on, at least for the moment. This […]

Adventures in Writing: See me at Adventures in Science Fiction Writing

Thanks to Shaun Farrell at one of the Internet’s best science fiction podcast sites for inviting met to do a guest blog at his site, Adventures in Science Fiction Publishing. I’ll drop in there once a week and talk about the writing life and writing.  I highly recommend his podcast, by the way.  He’s got […]

Rainforest Writer’s Workshop: Day 1

First, this is a very pretty place.  Spring is just beginning to touch an ecosystem still shrouded in winter.  Even just this morning, a dusting of snow fell on the far hills across the lake, like white sugar dropped onto the dark green trees.  The picture there shows some swelling new buds, and here and […]

Reading Recommendation: Steal Across the Sky, by Nancy Kress

This week, I’m at the Rainforest Writer’s Village, mostly writing and doing a little bit of teaching. I’ll also get the chance to learn from Nancy Kress, who is doing two sessions here. So I decided I should read some of her recent long fiction since the last long fiction of hers I remember reading […]