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Wings of Creation Cover Squeal!


A Review of The Silver Ship and the Sea

I usually don’t post reviews here, good or bad, but this review at Zeno’s Library tickled me because I truly do think science fiction  is partly about making people think. At least that’s part of why I both read and write sf…

Reading Recommendation: METAtropolis

I just listened to 9 hours of METAtropolis – a podcast of original stories in a linked world, edited by John Scalzi.  The writers are Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, and Karl Schroeder. Pretty neat list, huh? I walked the dog, killed weeds by separating them decidedly from the soil, walked the […]

Four Twitter Observations

One:  Twitter is actually a lot of fun.  I suspect this is part of its popularity.  Things to enjoy include putting a whole page worth of data into 140 characters (Haiku for modern times), hearing engaging snips about your friends’ days (and yes, what they had for breakfast is generally noise.  But there are clever fun […]

In Which Lynne Jamneck from New Zealand Asks Me Questions

Thanks to Lynn Jamneck (an sf writer and editor herself) for posting an interview with me over at Suite 101.  She’s also going to be doing more in the same format, so you might want to drop by and see the others as she gets them posted.  I’m looking forwrad to what the others have […]

Writers: Worth 38 Minutes of Your Time

TOC ‘09 — “Where Do You Go with 40,000 Readers? A Study in Online Community Building” — Ron Hogan (, John Scalzi (Scalzi Consulting), Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Tor Books), Tobias Buckell — I found it on Toby’s site, although I suspect it is also elsewhere.  A lovely video by some of our very best on […]

If Money and Resources Follow Attention…..

There was a meme flitting around Twitter this that included a link to an article on Technium about money following attention.  The article is worth reading, by the way, even though it was posted last year.  The main thing it says that if you get attention, then you are likely to get money.  A similar […]

I’m Thrilled: We’re On Track!

Every once in a while, the me-in-my-futurist-hat decides to check in on current actions to see if they’ll lead to a good future.  I have to say I’m quite pleased.  Shortly after Obama was elected, I blogged about how it felt like I was, once again, living in the America I grew up in.  That […]

Weekend Report: Norwescon, #Amazonfail, and Stories

I spent the weekend at Norwescon.  It was a lovely con.  I also, finally and slowly (hit me on the head as a slow learner) understood why there have been so many alternate history sf stories set in the 1800’s in my magazines of late.  Having decided to look up and look around, I think […]

Norwescon Schedule