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Reading Recommendation: Charles de Lint’s “The Mystery of Grace”

This is a physically beautiful book.  I bought it because it was a DeLint, but my eye was drawn to it from across the room in a crowded Borders because of the beautiful cover.  It’s really not that often that a book design gets my attention so thoroughly any more.  Charles de Lint is one […]

New Guest Blog Post Up – Last in the Series

So if you are the kind of reader who waits for all the books to come out before reading the series, well, here you go. Check out the last of my four-post series on writing over at Shaun Farrell’s Adventures In Sci Fi Publishing. This one talks about how to sell your work, and what […]

What’s After Capitalism?

Kim Stanley Robinson got me thinking yet again when he posted this excellent article on post-capitalism.  Post-capitalism, by the way, seems to be as well-defined as post-human.  In other words, not. But we ought to start figuring out what happens next. Unregulated capitalism has problems.  The most recent example is the current recession/depression/downturn.  The images […]