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Someone reading my work to me

At this stage of my writing career, I’ve gone through a number of the fabulous firsts.  I’ve sold my first story, and my first novel, had my first awful review and my first stellar one.  I’ve won my first award, and I’ve taught writing for the first time.  These are things I’ll remember.  Well, today […]

2Xcreative: Maid Born of Crone

Kyle Cassidy started it.  Actually, for me, the trail started with a picture of Neil Gaiman’s dog.  I can’t actually find the post that started it all, but it’s probably back there in the history on Neil’s blog.  He has a very pretty dog.  Anyway, the picture of Neil (also pretty) with the pretty dog […]

Locus Awards and Science Fiction Hall of Fame Report

Kudos to the Locus team for organizing an excellent event.  I had a great time, and enjoyed this year’s awards even more than last year’s.  A couple of highlights: Most of the winners were there.  So were a lot of the nominees.  That was very nice.  It’s a lot more fun to see someone win […]

Hope to see some of you at the Locus Awards this weekend

I will be at the autographing, and probably staying through the induction of the honorees into the SF Hall of Fame.  There will be a lot of us there – I count at least 16 writers! See you at the Lake Union Courtyard Marriott.

Why I am Green for Iran

I bought green shirts and I am wearing them.  I have turned my twitter icon temporarily green.  I keep getting up from the middle of other tasks and checking on events in Iran, even though I am usually far more disciplined.  But I thought I should write down some reasons since my family asked, and […]

Twitter: A Trail of Transparent Breadcrumbs

I have been thinking about transparency, social media, and government accountability for a while.  At the FiRe conference in San Diego, I ran into fellow sf writer and contrarian, David Brin, who authored  the non-fiction book, The Transparent Society.  This book made a difference in the way I think about government and life, and has […]

Bobcat – as seen from my parent’s deck

This is the bobcat my mom spotted yesterday.  It was lying in a little safe spot in the ravine right next to my parent’s house, and graciously allowed us to watch it and photograph it from the upper deck for about twenty minutes before it wandered off.  Photo credit to my dad, who had his […]

Reading Recommendation: Bloodhound (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 2

This is the second in Tamora Pierce’s excellent YA series about a fantastical keeper of the peace in the realm of Tortall.  You’ll have to venture into the YA shelves to find it.  Frankly, some of the best sf and fantasy adventure is there these days, by the way.  This book is told through the […]

When Reaching an Audience is Hard

I talked to the good folks at the National Association of Consumer Shows this morning in Memphis Tennessee.  I walked away feeling as if I did a good job but not a great job.  I did talk to quite a few of them individually and I enjoyed a nice barbecue lunch with a convention goer, […]

The Power of the Net

If you’re not on twitter watching the #iranelection or just searching for “iran” which will catch it all, you’ve missed a worldwide conversation.  A worldwide emotional reaction.   This morning, I feel connected to the people in Iran.  I’m glad they have this tool, which was missing from Tiananmen square.  It may or may not be […]