At this stage of my writing career, I’ve gone through a number of the fabulous firsts.  I’ve sold my first story, and my first novel, had my first awful review and my first stellar one.  I’ve won my first award, and I’ve taught writing for the first time.  These are things I’ll remember.  Well, today was another first – hearing a piece of my fiction professionally podcast at starship sofa.  It was quiet lovely to listen to my words being read out loud to me from my ipod.  Thanks to Tony and Grant at the Starship Sofa for producing this.  This is a piece of flash fiction called “A Hand and Honor” that first appeared in Nature Magazine.

I am also going to have a podcast come out at Escape Pod soon.  Both markets I didn’t even know about a few years ago and didn’t contemplate the technology for a decade ago.  Isn’t this a lovely time to be a writer?