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Two things that make SF stories well-loved….

SF Signal runs a mind meld periodically where they gather a  bunch of us sf writers and ask us a question (which I usually find on Twitter.  This week, they included me a two-part post about favorite short stories.  I thought I’d talk about two of them a little bit more here. One is the […]

Musings on the Lunar Landing Anniversary

I hope that people all over the world will stop and reflect – for at least for a moment – on the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing.  It was history.  For context, I’m forty-eight this year.  I was an eight-year-old girl whose dad worked in aerospace in 1969 (for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Corporation).  […]

Getting ready for a week away

I get to go be a writer for a week.  When you’re balancing hats like I am (CIO/writer/futurist), getting a bit of a break to be any one of them alone for a week is a fine and rare treat.  I will be on the coast in Lincoln City, Oregon, with the dog, a pile […]

The Images of Creativity

This is a very bizarre little image that makes me want to burst out in fantasy story.  The border collie, Sasha, and the household child, Katie,  are framed in the window while I’m outside taking a picture, the flash reflecting back like a star.  It looks like there is greenery inside and outside the window, […]

In which I become a publisher

People ask me regularly if I have books available on the Kindle.  It’s possible that happens more to me than to other authors, since I live and work in Amazon’s home town and my friends are tech geeks.   I’m pretty sure that my novels will find their way there eventually through my publisher, Tor Books, […]