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Reading the Wind available in paperback

I’m pleased to announce that Reading the Wind is out in paperback.  In honor of its release, I posted a new story on the Academy of New World Historians website. The new story happens offstage to the action in the book, and is the first part of the overall story that has been narrated by […]

What’s Green, exciting, and then (hopefully) unnoticed?

In science fiction, we’ve long assumed that distance would disappear.  We do it with FTL travel so we can take our characters between planets the way we now travel between cities, we do it with instant communication devices, and we use teleportation.  We wave our science fictional hands at the challenges of communicating over great […]

Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Site Interviews Me

I find the Wii a bit of challenge and run off the road easily in Mario Kart.  I suspect that means I might be a klutz in an MMO world.   Ah well, if I had time to play MMO games, I would love them.  I’ve watched over shoulders before and sighed heavily.  They’re like TV […]

Off to Flyball-Land

I write books.  My family does lovely things with dogs and tennis balls and pink uniforms.  This weekend I’m doing the dog thing.  If you’re interested in dogs and tennis balls and leaping over jumps, here is  a video of the high end of the sport.  We will post info at if we have […]

In Which the Sf Signal Mind Meld Talks About First SF Reads

I got to participate again.  I really like these – both doing my little snippets for them, and seeing what we all come out with on the end.  Of note this time:  Many of us started with Heinlein.  There is also a Facebook thread on this based on a  tweet I  made at 2:00 AM […]

Reading Recommendation: Anathem (Neal Stephenson)

I just finished Anathem.  It was a marathon read.  I read it across my Kindle (easy on the eyes) and the softback (hard for me; getting old!) and the audio book (awesome.   Well-read and well-produced). I hated it at the beginning.  Slow, ponderous.  But once I got into it, the world is so deep and so […]

A Stop by the Booksellers Association

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association annual meeting in Portland.  The people were all very friendly and great lovers of books – mostly owners of independent bookstores, librarians, and publishers.  With a few authors here and there.  Obviously, the writer in me was tickled pink, Who wouldn’t be […]

Reading Recommendation: Hunting Ground

Patricia Brigg’s second Alpha & Omega series book – Hunting Ground – was a very fun, fast read.  I tend to buy whatever Patricia Briggs publishes and then just sit down and read it.  They don’t take long – a few hours at most.  This series is in the wonderful Mercy Thompson world, definitely fast-paced […]

Comment for a chance to win a book

I’m having a triple release celebration here — Reading the Wind comes out in mass market this month, Wings of Creation comes out November 10th, and of course the Academy of New World Historians showed up on the web yesterday. To celebrate all that, I’m giving one book a week away to someone who comments […]

The Academy of New World Historians is Born

Writers have the best job in the world.  We make stuff up.  We daydream and what we daydream becomes real – as a book or a story or a poem. People read our daydreams, our musings, the things that grow out of our subconscious. I really did it this time. It all started with the […]