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Daybreak, Killer Bunnies, Wings, and Geeks

I leave tomorrow for the World Fantasy Convention in San Jose.  I’ll be participating in a group reading on Friday night (in the Crystal room at 9:00 PM – Fairmont San Jose) for the exciting new web-based magazine called “Daybreak,” published by Jetse DeVries.  Jetse is also bringing out the Shine Anthology.  Shine and Daybreak […]

How is publishing like the tech industry?

Yesterday, I listened to the Sofanauts podcast #30 while I was pulling out spent daises and mushed iris leaves and planting crocus and narcissus. The conversation is an hour and  half long argument where everybody is right. The moderator was Tony C. Smith of Starship Sofa, guests lined up as Jeff Vandermeer and Jeremy Tolbert […]

Various useful webbishry

First, Seattle Geekly does a great podcast.  As I’m sure you can guess, they talk about all things Seattle that would interest the slightly more – well, geekly (gaming, conventions, science fiction and fantasy, anime, steampunk, other local events).  I listen in when I get time.  Even better, I visited them last week and we […]

Reading Recommendation: Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest

What’s with the goggles anyway? I just finished Boneshaker last night.   Cherie Priest did a lovely job of characterization, and fully brought  Briar Wilkes Blue and Ezekial Blue to life on the page.  What she did to Seattle was fairly terrible, but interesting in an alternate fantasy historical fashion.   And she answered my question:  she gave […]

FireGlobal 2009: The Hottest Spot in Seattle?

We may have a new in place to be seen in Seattle.  At the least, we have a new must-see conference, FiRe Global.  Put together by Mark Anderson, FiRe Global has a clear mission:  use technology to help save the world. Mark has impressive strengths.  For one, he thinks well.  For years he has produced […]

Reading Recommendation: Neil Gaiman’s “The GraveYard Book”

I really do love Gaiman’s work.  I also love his voice.  I tend to get his work in audio, largely because he reads it himself.  This is not something I recommend for most authors, but in this case, there’s magic in the way he nuances his work.  The Graveyard Book feels like it’s designed for […]

Upcoming Event Schedule (Some Changes)

This post is partly for me so I can keep my dates in order.  Well, not really.  But it sure feels like a way-too-busy fall in the near future.  It’s all good, but I might just collapse come December or so and hide. FiRE Global Conference:  October 15th  Wherein I wear all three hats, and […]

Futurist Event: FiRE Global

  Earlier this year, I attended the FiRE conference in San Diego.  It felt like half an almost-typical technology conference (yes, there was a cloud computing session), half a “making the world a better place with technology” and in total, was the best three days I’ve ever spent on either topic.  Largely, the value was […]

Reading Recommendation: Magic in the Blood, by Devon Monk

This is a nice recommendation to make for two reasons.  The book is good, and a long time ago in a writing workshop a long time away, Devon Monk and I spent two weeks in the same writing workshop,  up at three in the morning,  finishing downright daunting writing assignments while dreaming of having our own […]

Reading Recommendation: Greg Bear’s Mariposa

Spent the weekend at the beach WITH NO INTERNET and so I’ll have three books to recommend.  It was quite lovely.  I’ll try for one a day. I don’t why Greg Bear doesn’t get more attention for his thrillers.  In my opinion, they have the pacing and skill of a Michael Creighton  or a James […]