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Interview with Annie Tupek

I met Annie Tupek at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. I liked her immediately.  She looked curious and happy to be there and interested in the presentations.  We had something in common:  Alaska.  Now, I’ve only been there once.  But it pretty much knocked my socks off – it’s a really pretty place.  And I […]

Authors and Covers

We have no say. Here is a copy of the cover for an anthology I have a story in.  It’s coming out on the 6th – which is next Tuesday.  It’s either so bad that it’s good or it’s really, really bad.  I can see it on shelves right before Halloween, though. It’s being considered […]

Two Very Cool Futurist Events

I have been wearing my author hat lately because of book releases, but there are two very excellent futurist events worth discussing:  one in the recent past and one in the recent future. I’ll start with the recent past. The Seattle Times did a very nice article about futurists in the Sunday Magazine last week.  […]