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Orycon Schedule

I will be enjoying Thanksgiving with family, but Friday night through Sunday I’ll be at Orycon. Here’s my schedule: Saturday, 10- 11 SFWA Regional meeting Saturday 11:00 – 11:30 Autographing, table 2 Saturday 12:00 – 12:30 reading  in the Madison room.  I’ll read from the world of my current series, probably a bit from an […]

Tonight’s Wayward Reading

I now have a new thing for tonight’s reading at the Wayward Coffee House (8:00 PM).  For geeks, the Wayward is worth going to whether you’re there to hear me read or you want to drop in another time.  It’s very geekly and the coffee and atmosphere are great. So I already promised fiction set […]

Thanks Tony C. Smith

I had a great time guesting on a podcast called “Sofanauts” hosted by Tony C. Smith.  The other guest was Richard Morgan, and I’m going to go off and buy his book Altered Carbon today.  Richard impressed me quite a bit.  I got tongue tied a few times not knowing much about the state of […]

Shall we go skiing with robots tomorrow?

This seems to be the moment for robot research for me.  At least that’s the topic I picked for this month’s version of my column over at Futurismic, Today’s Tomorrows.  Since I don’t like to let my column over there get to be longer than about 1,000 words, I couldn’t include everything.  So for the […]

Good Science News

I’m not really surprised so many people are skeptical about science.  After all, what do often hear?  Food A or Food B causes cancer.  The glaciers are melting faster than we thought possible.  Species (your favorite) is now endangered.  Drug A which was supposed to be good for you just caused organ B to fail.  […]

Thanks so much!

I really appreciate the community out here – there were many post and retweets and the like to celebrate the Wings of Creation release yesterday.  It makes a writer (at least this writer) feel surrounded by family even when she’s off at work and wearing her other, more mundane hats. Congrats to Sara A. Mueller […]

Release Day for Wings of Creation!

Pardon the happy little post in advance.  It’s a gray day here is Seattle – with a touch of pink sunrise still in the window – but I’m hoping for a good one. A lot of writing is work.  By the time a book comes out,  I’m two books or more past it, and living […]

Reading Recommendation: The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

At World Fantasy, they give you a ton of books.  I had brought one with me (Ken Scholes’ Canticle) which I finished there.  I also bought a new book, Ekaterina Sedia’s “The Alchemy of Stone.” Besides an art book (and art) by John Picacio, and a collection by my friend Tobias Buckell, that’s all I […]

World Fantasy Report

This was my second World Fantasy, and it has definitely become my favorite convention.  I waited a few days to let the experience sink in a bit.  A few observations: The awards are administered differently than the Hugos.  It’s partly a voted choice, but mostly a long slog through almost everything “Fantasy” written all year.  […]

New winner, and the book giveaway continues….

I’m pleased to announce that Samuel Montgomery-Blinn is the latest winner in the book giveaway.  He chose The Silver Ship and the Sea. There are two more drawings left – one this Friday and one on the 10th which is the release date for the hardcover of Wings of Creation.  The release date drawing will […]