Pardon the happy little post in advance.  It’s a gray day here is Seattle – with a touch of pink sunrise still in the window – but I’m hoping for a good one.

A lot of writing is work.  By the time a book comes out,  I’m two books or more past it, and living in some other world.  But today, I’m going to enjoy the release of Wings of Creation.  I’m sending copies to the Times and to two book winners (from Goodreads) and drawing a winner for all three books in a hardcover set (That’s The Silver Ship and the Sea, Reading the Wind, and Wings of Creation).  I’m bringing a copy to one of my mentors as a thank you.  I’m preparing for a reading on Friday the University Bookstore in Seattle (with Louise Marley and Jack Skillingstead).

Of all the series, I’m happiest with this one so far.  The art is beautiful: Stephan Martiniere captured the feeling of the fliers, a tortured people with an outward beauty the hides their tortured souls. The other covers are also beautiful, but this one has feeling.

If you’d like a taste, drop by The Academy of New World Historians for some free fiction set in this world. The Academy was designed by the talented Jeremy Tolbert.

Reply here today by 8:00 PM (Nov 10th) if you want a chance to win the hardcover set.