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Kudos to the citizens (that’s us!)

I got a new ipod for Christmas with radio, which meant that while I was at the gym yesterday I watched the news. Obama got it exactly right.  He said the government needs to investigate and learn and get better.  The government’s part is pretty much what you do anytime you have a failure, whether […]

Writing in a Comfortable Place

In general, writing is pushing an edge for me – a new technology, a new type of character, an attempt at a new voice.  But sometimes it’s more like a hot cocoa by the fire.  I spent years grabbing the newest Mercedes Lackey books from the shelf as soon as they came out.  When I […]

Reading recommendation: The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver

Fair warning – this is not a genre book, not fast paced, not adventure, almost but not quite devoid of plot twists. But there are other things for books to do.  One of those is to comment on who we are, to use story as a way to teach. I have been in awe of […]

Animal Stories

My futurismic column for this month deals with animal intelligence –it’s entitled “What are the Animals Becoming?”  I just popped over to Nancy Kress’s blog to see how she’s doing, and it turns out she just blogged on the same topic (or at least mentioned the prevalence of stories about genetically altered animals in her […]

Reading Recommendation: Podcasts

I don’t know how many of you out there are listening to science fiction podcasts.  I’ve been listening to audiobooks for years, particularly on long drives. or long weekends in the garden.  When the narration is done well, it’s great entertainment.   So podcasts wasn’t much of a jump.  Here are the ones I listen to: […]

On Health Care: Fairness vs. Fear

I’ve been listening to the health care debate for some time now.  Health care is one of the top things we need to fix to improve our economy (the others are education, broadband, and – most importantly – preservation of the world we live in). I’m not enough of an expert to write intelligently on […]

Reading Recommendation: Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse

Sometimes old favorites need to be revisited.  I won’t tell you how long ago I first read Siddhartha, but it was published in 1922, which is before I was published. At any rate, I chose to listen to it on my way down to Orycon (the drive is from Seattle to Portland, or 3 hours […]