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Reading (and Hugo) Recommendation(s)

Odd title, I know.  I listened to Starship Sofa 121, which has Paolo Bacigalupi’s “the Gambler” in it. Loved the story.  I will include it on my Hugo ballot (which I’m still working on).  Paolo is one of the best people we have writing sf right now – and are we lucky! It was also […]

In which an author is given a lovely gift

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Cavalcade of Authors a few weeks ago in Pasco, Washington.  They just emailed me a survey and went, “Oh, by the way – we did some book trailers for you.  Do you want to see them?” Well, yeah. Look! A book trailer for Silver […]

Nebula Noms and Hugo Podcasts?

The Nebula short list is out.  I’m really quite pleased with what is on the list (although – as always – slightly disappointed that some works which I nominated didn’t make it).  In addition to some short stories like Kij Johnson’s “Spar” that I loved, two of my novel reading recommendations made the final ballot:  […]

Nixie meets many famous authors and a bad agent

I spent the Thursday – > Sunday morning is Pasco, Washington.  Thursday and Friday were all about talking to students at an event called the Cavalcade of Authors, and the rest of the convention was a lovely time with friends, and my dog. On Thursday, I talked to Stevens middle school in Pasco.  The school […]

Planning a Seattle Futures Meeting

I used to attend monthly futurist meetings in Santa Monica California, run by John Smart.  They were great get togethers – a pile of people interested in talking about the future.  Eclectic.  It was scientists and techs from JPL and the local universities, people off the street, students, business people, consultants, etc.  Often up to […]

New Fiction Available

I have two rather long stories out and available right now, which is a lovely way to start the new year. One is “The Robot’s Girl” which is in the April issue of Analog (on sale now at newsstands and for the Kindle).  I’ve received three notes from people who’ve read it so far and […]

I guess the battle is still raging above me.

I saw them back available (I swear I did), but now they’re not. Sigh. I guess it’s a waiting game. I’m willing to wait with Macmillan, since I still need them to win. The odd thing is, I’ve been fighting them becasue I want my books on the kindle. I still do. I get asked […]