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Norwescon Schedule

For those of you who will be around Norwescon this weekend, here’s where you can for sure find me: Friday, 9:00 a.m., Cascade 7 Climate Change in the 21st Century There is more CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any time during the last 650,000 years. Climate alterations are expected to be serious: more […]

Arundhati Roy: The Woman of True Words

Arundhati Roy came to Seattle last night and spoke to a sold-out crowd at Town Hall.  The rest of my family stayed home in an odd resonance:  the family teenager was putting the finishing touches on a school project about Gandhi.  If they don’t yet, schoolchildren will be studying Arundhati.  For those who don’t yet […]

Reading Recommendation: Bridesicle by Will McIntosh

Nice.  I listened to the Starship Sofa podcast.  It’s also available as a PDF from the Asimov’s site (at least for now – it’s a nebula nominated work).  I almost didn’t even try to get through it because the title just wasn’t very attractive to me, but the story is quite moving.  It turned out […]

Reading Recommendation: Flesh and Fire, by Laura Anne Gilman

Flesh and Fire: Book One of The Vineart War is one of most unique new fantasy worlds I’ve read in a long time, full of new ideas to clothe another of my favorite things:  coming of age stories. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves award-winning fantasy like Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Curse of Chalion.”  […]


My newest Futurismic column looks at longevity.  This is feeding a bit off of a question I asked the twitterverse (and the land of Facebook) about whether or not people would want to live to be 150 (assuming no negative consequences to us or our progeny or the earth).  Pretty much everybody said yes. I’ve […]

Broadband: How We Thirst

 As many of you know, I have other hats besides writer/speaker/futurist.  I work for a city as the Chief Information Officer, or CIO.  That means I’m responsible for all of the phones and computers and communications – people and budgets and decisions. We are one of many cities competing to have Google choose our community […]

Rainforest Writer’s Retreat Day 4

We’ve now seen the last sunset we’ll see here.  I’ll be happy to get home, but another three days of writing would finish the book.  I’m over 11,000 words, but there are that many again to go, or maybe a few more. The highlights of today were a great talk by Barb and JC Hendee […]

Rainforest Writers, Day 2

We had a great talk by Susan Mathews on character and then another by James Van Pelt on endings.  It’s fun to listen to writer’s teach – we all approach it so differently! And of course,being with sf writers, the afternoon walk was full of talk about the atmosphere and axial tilt and the Cambrian […]

Rainforest Writers Workshop Day 1

I am on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and right at this moment I am in a dark bar with about a dozen writers.  There are a handful of community people as well, and much chattering and laughter from both groups. This is the Rainforest Writer’s Village workshop, sponsored by Patrick Swenson of Fairwood […]