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Reading Recommendations: The Freelancer’s Survival Guide

I highly recommend Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s online work-in-progress, “The Freelancer’s Survival Guide.”  I am quoted in it.  I have learned from it. I have learned from Kris in other ways.  And to top it off, Kris is a damned fine novelist as well as being  one of the best sf short fiction writers of our […]

Reading Recommendation: January by Becca de la Rosa

I loved this lyrical and fun story.  I listened to it on a drive over Snoqualmie Pass, flecks of almost-snow mixed with lots of rain as I wound down toward the farmland that fills the eastern half of Washington State.  As usual, the quality of the podcast version from Clarkesworld was great.  Becca’s story only […]

Reading Recommendation: Non-Zero Probabilities, by N.K. Jemisin

This was my walking-the-dog story today – I listened via podcast, but it is also available in print from Clarkesworld. I figured there must be a reason it is on both the Hugo and Nebula ballots, and it actually is a delightful short.  It’s subtle, different (yeah!), and quite well-written.  If you haven’t read or […]

The iPad: After Week Two

This is just a quick update, and then I’ll do my next iPad piece in John DeNardo’s Mind Meld on the topic next week, returning this blog to it’s regularly scheduled programming. I still love the iPad.  Promised experiment on reading:  Not as good as the Kindle, but it is readable.  Hint:  turn down the […]

The iPad: After Week 1

I’ve had my iPad for a week now, and I promised I’d blog about it.  So here’s blog #1. In general, I like it a lot.  I love Scrabble (I know – BORING – but I do).  Maybe it’s the writer in me.  The household teenager takes it for Tetris.  Clearly a casual gaming hit. […]

Reading Recommendation: The Love We Share Without Knowing, by Christopher Barzak

I just finished this book as my reward for a long (and pleasant) convention and getting 5K or more words done as well.  After I read the last page, I realized I had been putting it off because I didn’t wanted to get to the end.  It’s so magical and sweet and faintly sad I […]