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Pardon my Absence

I have been quieter than usual in the Interwebs the past few weeks.  All is not well.  To be more exact, my youngest brother is not well.  He’s gone and gotten a fairly rare and difficult cancer, which has provided me with time with him (yay!), sadness that he is doing as well as I […]

Reading Recommendation: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Steig Larsson

I wander out of genre regularly to keep my head up and learn other tricks and tropes.  Writers rather need to do that, in my opinion, and I’m lucky enough to have a group of writers who explore multiple genres with me.  While I will actually read a text version to do my analysis, I […]

Latest Futurismic Column Up: Cancer and Science Fiction

There was a lot of news about cancer in my life in the last few weeks, so I chose that to write about for my Today’s Tomorrows column at Futurismic. I found it a really interesting topic to research – there’s a TON of material, and a lot of it gives conflicting advice.  New information […]