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Reading Recommendation: The Windup Girl

I realize I’m late to the party for this award-winning book.  The Windup Girl is one of my favorite kind of books:  complex, plausible, a little scary, brilliantly written, and satisfying. Paolo gets a lot of points from me on world-building.  I believed this place and time. Of particular interest, I believe that we have […]

Starry Heaven: Last Full Day

Wow.  All done now except the closing party.  I’d call this a rousing success.  Highlights of the last two days: We attended a great wine social event complete with excellently interesting science people at The Wine Loft last night.  I could have kept talking to them for hours.  Everyone was interesting and erudite. I’m quite […]

The Oceans

The oil spill isn’t on the front page any more.  But it hasn’t slowed down.  Even though I have been paying some attention, I was surprised to see that BP has collected over one million gallons of oil so far.  Yipes! We know they haven’t collected most of what’s gushing out.  The live camera down […]

Starry Heaven Day 3: The Phase Shift

Workshops have rhythm.  The rhythm for Starry Heaven starts with critiquing the beginnings of each others’ books.  Beginnings matter – they are what sells manuscripts to agents and publishers, and what initiates readers into the world of the book.  So we have been sitting in a large group sharing impressions of each others beginnings.  Today, we move to a new […]

Starry Heaven Day 2: Fire, a Walk, and the Night Sky

A great morning of critiques.  Excellent food.  We followed that by spending the day hiking.  Good thing we went today since they are going to close the forest tomorrow or the next day.  The fire is still burning, and has gotten bigger.  It is still not too near us, and has burned no structures, although […]

Starry Heaven Post 1: Fire over Flagstaff

I am in Flagstaff. Arizona, at the Starry Heaven writer’s workshop.  That means there are 11 of us critiquing each other’s novel manuscripts.  We’ve spend months prepping, and it’s quite fun to meet in person.  I knew two of the people from before, and had met a few of the others in passing.  Some are […]

Reading Recommendation: The Specific Gravity of Grief, by Jay Lake

I’ll start out by quoting myself twice – the following blurb is on the back cover of the book: “We tend to clothe cancer in pretty words, to hide its savage nature from our innermost frightened hearts.  In The Specific Gravity of Grief, Jay Lake used pretty words to clothe cancer in the rags of […]

Coming Events

I’ve missed mentioning multiple appearences of me and/or my work: The story, “My Father’s Singularity” is up at Clarkesworld in issue #45.  Note that I share this issue with delightful Nina Kiriki Hoffman and her story is excellent.  Two science fiction stories written by women in one issue, and in what is becoming the premiere […]

Reading Recommendation: The Girl Who Played with Fire

Well, this is the second Stieg Larsson I’ve recommended.   I’ve already bought the third.  And again become sad there will be no more.  These are good, well-written thrillers.  They’re paced in a way that a reader stays interested and yet can breath out from time to time.  They are in an exotic place, and they […]

Reading Recommendation: One Monk and one Briggs

As I’ve posted, I’ve been dealing with cancer in the immediate family, which has pretty much shot my love for complexity (got enough of it, thank you very much).  My favorite kind of fiction, which is dense and complex science fiction, is just not holding onto me  — my little monkey-enabled brain is wandering off […]