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Listen up, writers! The joy of podcasts

Yesterday I had one of those long 8 hour drives through the country, me and my golden retriever and  and a bunch of podcasts. I’ve taken a real liking to having stories told to me.  Here are some of the reasons: As a writer, it’s an easier way for me to disengage the critical brain, […]

Reading Recommendation: The Man Who Hated Gravity, by Ben Bova

Sometimes science fiction should be a little bit fun.  It isn’t always, which I’m glad of.  I recently wrote a guest post over at sfsignal about how good sf is at warnings.  Which it is. But some days I’m happy we know how to have fun.  I had a long drive this week, and as […]

Celebrating Strange Horizons

Strange Horizons is ten years old.  I’m on my way from Seattle, WA  to Bend, OR  today, and stopping by Portland, OR to do a reading to celebrate Strange Horizons’ anniversary.  Strange Horizons was one of our first electronic genre magazines, and I’m pretty sure it was the first to make it this long with […]

The Blue Curtain, an Essay I have an original essay in the benefit collection, “Breaking Waves,” now available as an e-book in multiple formats at the Book View Cafe.

If You Care About the Sea

You might want to pick up Book View Café’s benefit anthology for gulf relief.   It’s only $4.99, available in a number of electronic formats.  I have an original essay in it (almost more like an original rant) on the dangers of ignoring the ocean. There is original and reprint fiction, poetry, and other essays in […]

Futurist Trivia: The Sunday Times

People often ask me where I get my ideas as a writer.  The companion question as a futurist is “how do you study the future?”  The answer, of course, is you study “now” and you study the past.  Then you think a bit.  Futurists aren’t predictors partly because we can’t see the wildcards or the […]

It’s SF Week for me (That’s SFWA and SF Signal)!

Thanks to Cat Rambo for asking me excellent questions in an interview over on the Science Fictions Writers of America Site.   I don’t actually see Cat nearly as often as I like, but by coincidence we met for coffee yesterday, and I got to pick her brain to add to a guest post I did […]

The Dangers of Missed Deadlines, or Pretty Ruby

This spring, I attended a writer’s workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona.  There, I agreed to get the final draft of my current WIP novel, The Creative Fire, done by August 31.  Now, all of us came up with carrots or sticks.  I came up with a stick, since I am personally motivated by sticks. My stick […]