Brenda Cooper

Math and Beauty: Celebrating a Life

We lost Benoit Mandelbrot.  This man  fired the imagination of a species by bringing us a way to see the beauty  in the mathematical world, and to link the mysteries of high-order math and science to the mysteries and awe of nature.

When I first found out about the Madelbrot set, I trolled my world for the images, and sat and stared at some of them for a long time, simply blown away.

If you want more:

The Wikipedia page on the Madelbrot set

A lovely video and song about Mandelbrot that will make you smile

For another version set to music

Or for fun, this link will take you to a Google search for Mandelbrot set images

Mandelbulbs over at Wired

Enjoy your day, and think about the beauty inherent in coastlines and fern leaves and math!