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The Frost Fairies and the Dragon

The Frost Fairies came by our house last night.  They clearly had great fun playing with the mossy-backed dragon in our front yard.

Love and Rockets Sidebar

New Story Available in “Love and Rockets” Love and Rockets is out! This is a fun anthology edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes, with one of my stories in it and a number of stories by good friends. “In space, no one can hear you sigh in unrequited love….”

Finding the Way Sidebar Post

New Story Available in “Finding the Way and Other Tales of Valdemar” I’m very pleased to have been included again in a Mercedes Lackey anthology.  Finding the Way and Other Tales of Valdemar includes a story by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, and there are fourteen other stories by a number of writers.  Mine is […]

Found in the Mail: Two anthologies

DAW sent me not one but two new two presents for the new year.  One of them is Love and Rockets, a delightful-looking anthology edited by Kerrie Hughes:  I love the cover.  My story is the first up in the anthology, but I advise not stopping there – there is a pile of stories by […]

My Father’s Singularity to appear in Year’s Best Anthology

My Father’s Singularity to be included in Year’s Best The short story “My Father’s Singularity”  which came out in Clarkesworld earlier this year has been selected as one of the stories for the  popular anthology Year’s Best Science Fiction edited by Gardener Dozois.  The anthology is likely to be available in early 2011.

Reading Recommendation: Hitler’s Angel, by Kris Rusch

I just finished this book no more than an hour ago.  Wow.  Yeah for the history and for another look at Hitler.  But that is not what this is about.   It is about the human heart and how a single mistake can change the world of eirther one man or one country. This is NOT […]

Reading Recommendation: N.K. Jemisin’s “The Broken Kingdoms”

Well, this is two reading recommendations in a row for N.K. Jemisin.  I enjoyed The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms so much I immediately ordered The Broken Kingdoms.  I left it closed as a carrot against getting some of my own editing done, but after one pass I just had to stop and pick it up.  This […]