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Last day of Thailand Pictures (and the S. Korean airport)

Last day of Thailand tourism — where I rode a bus for hours, played in very bona-fide tourist traps like bamboo boat rides, and rode an elephant. My pictures are up, including some pictures of what are now my two favorite airports in Bangkok and S. Korea.  I hope I get back to both – […]

Thailand: The Conference

At the moment I am feeling very international as I am using a portable computer in the “ICT Experience Center” in the Seoul airport.  This is relevent because after being a speaker at the FutureGov Asia conference, I came away very impressed with the clear and committed focus of South Korea on internet infrastructure (including the […]

Thailand Day Three: Of a King, his people, and their dogs

Everywhere, yellow flags fly.  This is for the King (who was born on a Monday which makes his color yellow).  He is 84 now, and lives in the hospital, where he is being treated for lung cancer.  Everywhere, people here wish him luck.  Some of my pictures from today show this. It kind of feels […]

Thailand Day 2: A Day of Buddhas and Monks

Today I started out with a tour of three temples, and then I had the driver drop me at the Grand Palace. I heard monks chanting. I saw many Buddha’s.  Maybe hundreds.  Maybe thousands.  I saw a gold Buddha that weighs 5 tons and one that weighs one ton.  I saw a reclining Buddha that […]

Day 1 of Thailand Trip

Day 1 of my Thailand trip, where I learned to get around on the river and the Sky Train, and saw the Sunday Market. There are more pictures online. I woke up a bit late after having gotten in quite late (like 2 AM by the time I made it to the hotel and my […]

Hebras YB announcement

“The Hebras and the Demons and the Damned” picked for Year’s Best SF #16. This is an adventure story set on Fremont, the colony planet that serves as the setting for The Silver Ship and the Sea. I loved writing this story, and I’m really happy that the Hartwell’s liked it for this anthology.

Bibliography: The Research Behind Mayan December

I did a lot of research for my novel Mayan December (coming out from Prime Books in August).  This isn’t usual for me.  For most of my science fiction stories, I research all the time.  I go on jags where I read science articles from National Geographic to Wired to The Technology Review to various […]

An Excellent Presentation on the Future

I came across as excellent presentation about the future called Future Agenda.  I think it showed up via one of the people I follow in Twitter.  It’s gold for an SF writer…very visual, very easy to navigate, very clean, and it fits (in general) with my understanding of likely futures based on my futurist research.  […]

Reading Recommendation: Paolo Bacigalupi’s “Ship Breaker”

Paolo does really good near-future science fiction.  I particularly liked Ship Breaker since it felt a little lighter than Paolo’s other books, and was a much faster and easier read.  That, of course, if probably because his primary audience is YA.  Mind you, I’ve loved his darker and more difficult work like The Windup Girl […]

What Does the Future Need?

One of my favorite things to do each month is write my column for Futurismic (which has had a lot of great content lately, by the way).  This month, I decided to talk about what the future needs from us.  Another way to say that is “What should we be doing now to create a […]