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Reading Recommendation: Seanan McGuire’s October Daye novels

Now, these are my candy reads. I follow Devon Monk’s series about magic in Portland, and Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series, and even though they write fast, I run out of novels before their next ones show up. These are not for my brain – I read plenty of that kind of stuff, too. These […]

See what spec fic writers want to read

John deNardo runs a great sf blog called sfsignal. I got to meet him at last year’s World Fantasy, and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him.  He does posts he calls “mind melds” where are number of us get asked to chatter on about one topic or another.  In this case, he asked what books are […]

The Yin and Yang of Futuring

There are  a lot of us being guardians at the gate.  Environmentalists warn about species extinction and loss of the wonderful world we’re lucky enough to live on.  Scientists and climatologists wring their hands about global warming.  Governments worry about terrorism. We need the guardians at the gate, we even need to be the guardians.  […]

The Ordinary Futurist: 2011 Predictions

Every year I play a predictions game.  It’s not really good futuring since the world is way too strange for prediction except by true experts in a field, and I’m a generalist.  But I still like the game.  So here goes: Publishing and Creativity: Preface to this section.  I’m playing here, and frankly the book […]

The Ordinary Futurist: A 2010 Review of my own predictions about climate change and related topics

On to the one area which is more important than technology or government…the environment.  Here is my analysis of how I did at predictions related to Climate Change and related topics last year: Prediction: While we’ll probably continue to flail politically, green business will rise out of the recession and start to make it less […]

The Ordinary Futurist: 2010 of my own predictions on government and society

Okay – so this is the least interesting of the three “How did I do in my predictions for 2010 posts” unless you find failure interesting.  This what I had to say about society and government, where I went out on a limb into international relations and fell off, landing face-first in the mud: Prediction: […]

The Ordinary Futurist: 2010 review of my own predictions in technology

Well, every year I play a game of “What will happen?”  Now, I’m a semi-professional futurist, so you’d think I’d get this right.  But my success rate varies party because futurists aren’t really prognosticators (Nostradamus was not a futurist) and partly because the world is more complex than any of us can follow.  This year […]