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Relay for Life

Warning: Yes, this is a rare personal post and yes, I’m fund-raising. Cancer took my little brother Russy last year. It’s assaulting two of my friends right now; a sweet man named Pere who worked with Russy for years, and a writer friend, Jay Lake. It’s inside my partner’s sister and wreaking havoc on that […]

Writers who have created science fiction that could save the world

I’m at Norwescon, and one of the panels I was on posed the question, “Can science fiction save the world?” Much discussion ensued, most of it excellent. Conclusions: Maybe. It has (think of Orwell, Bradbury, etc). It’s often the stories and books that are written with no agenda to save the world that have an […]

Norwescon 2011 Schedule

I have a great schedule for NORWESCON, coming up in Seatac next weekend. I do want to draw attention to the reading for Mayan December (coming in August from Prime Books) – it’s early in the con, and so I will have some limits on my time to advertise it.  I’m very excited about the […]

Very cool patch for a new story

I have a new story coming out soon in the anthology “Defending the Future IV:  No Man’s Land.”  The anthology is being published by Dark Quest Books, and was edited by Mike McPhail.  Each story gets a patch that illustrates the story.  Here is the patch for “Cracking the Sky.” More on the anthology and […]

Reading Recommendation: River Marked by Patricia Briggs

I love Coyote stories.  I love Patricia Brigg’s work.  This book is both.  It may be the best of the Mercy series so far. This is, by the way, what I did last Sunday afternoon.  I sat in a big comfy chair, put my foot up (still recovering from surgery) , and read the thing […]

New Story “Cracking the Sky” Coming out in “No Man’s Land.

“Cracking the Sky” will be out in May in the anthology “No Man’s Land.” This story was inspired by a trip to the Army’s TRADOC Mad Scientist conference last year.  No Man’s Land is a military science fiction anthology written entirely by women.  NEWS:  It can now be pre-ordered at

Mayan (er…Aztec) Reading: Servant of the Underworld, by Aliette de Bodard

I’m busy reading books and stories set either in 2012 or in the Yucatan Peninsula.  I read Aliette de Bodard’s Nebula nominated novelette, “The Jaguar House, In Shadow” and loved it so much that I went right to her novel “Servant of the Underworld.”  It’s a bit of a cheat for this post series because […]