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Reading Recommendation: The Winds of Khalakovo, by Bradley P. Beaulieu

I found this debut fantasy novel intense and immersive.  The world is right on that fine balance of being familiar enough that I felt grounded and yet full of enough differences in culture and appearance to be fascinating. Brad thrusts the reader directly and deeply into Khalakovo – I’m not sure I actually saw even […]

Reading Recommendation: WWW: Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer

Loved this book.  In fact, I loved the whole series, and happily the ending lived up to the other two books, maybe even exceeded expectations. Excellent YA SF, which there isn’t nearly enough of in my opinion.  Also an excellent read for adults. By the way, I just found a whole website devoted to these […]

New Cover Design for Mayan December

Plain old reading: An antidote to the multi-tasking world?

I’m finding it harder to concentrate on any one task for a long period of time these days.  I’m pretty convinced that’s because so much of my time is spent multi-tasking.  Between Twitter and Facebook and the hundred-plus emails I get at work and the thirty or so I get at home every day, I […]

SFFWRTCHT: Where a Twitter Chat turns into a Blog Post

Bryan Thomas Schmidt hosts a great weekly chat at Twitter hashtag #SFFWRTCHT, which I was lucky enough to be invited to join.  I got to talk about current work, and Mayan December, which is coming out soon, and about kids.  Even nicer, he turned the chat into a very nicely illustrated blog post over at […]

Mayan Reading: The End of Time, The Maya Mystery of 2012, by Anthony Aveni

This nonfiction book is by the author of one of the books I read when I was researching Mayan December – Skywatchers.   Better yet, the author is very much like one of my main characters, Alice.  Like Alice, Anthony Aveni in an archaeoastronomer, or someone who studies the intersection of culture and astronomy.   Also like […]

New Futurismic Column: Interactive Storytelling

My latest column is up at Futurismic. This month I went searching for interactive books for my iPad, and found far fewer than I expected (except for kids, but I’m hungry for  adult interactive content).  I also found a little bit of hope that platforms are being developed which will help us out in the […]

Reading Recommendation: Matchmaker, by Erin Hartshorn

I listened to this in the podcast version over at Clarkesworld. It’s a lovely tale.  I’m enchanted with it becasue it directly addresses alien race relations through the eyes of a race that has been persecuted here.  I can’t say much more without spoilers, but it’s a brave story, well-told, and also narrated quite nicely […]