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Write-a-thon Update

I’m safely back from Wellspring, where a good time was had by all.  Certainly, by me.  I loved meeting the other participants, my foot allowed a little more walking than I expected (yeah!!  Getting better is good).  I managed to get out two stories….so that actually meets the story promise for the write-a-thon.  I won’t […]

Write-a-thon and Workshop Post #3

Wellspring continues to be fabulous.  Last night, we read at the Hopleaf Bar in Chicago – a lovely event that Bill Shunn put together for us.  Six of us each did short pieces and Bill read a poem.  Every reader got ovations, and the beer (or cider in my case) was great!  The next to […]

Clarion Write-a-Thon and WellSpring Workshop Update

Okay – so I’m almost 2,000 words into the story, and a little bit stuck.  I need a bridging event to get me from the set-up to the end.  So I decided to stop for this check-in and let my hind-brain work on it.  There are a few more writing hours today, anyway. Crit on […]

In an Iron Cage

In an Iron Cage now available at Amazon This is a fun Steampunk anthology from Dark Quest Books.  My story is set in the Yucatan Peninsula, between the two time-lines of Mayan December.  Drop by and pick one up!  This is the ebook version, a print version will be out soon as well.

Write-a-thon and Workshop: Day 1

Well, this is officially part of the Clarion West write-a-thon.  At the moment. I’m in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, at the first full day of the Wellspring writing workshop.  So like the Clarion students, I’m trying to learn and write and socialize and adjust and get used to new sleeping quarters all at once. About half […]

Mayan Reading (Watching!): The Fountain

One of the authors whose books I’ve been using for reference in this time period mention Darren Aronofsky’s movie “The Fountain” to me.  It really does seem to mirror the Mayan sense of time, and I liked it very much.  It’s part new age trip, part science fiction, and all love story, complete with some […]

Clarion West Write-a-thon

I’m one of many participating writers in the Clarion West write-a-thon.  My personal page for the write-a-thon lists my goals.  I usually sponsor writers, but don’t actually participate.  This year Nisi Shawl asked me so nicely I agreed. This is good:  external goals always push me. Here’s what I hope to accomplish:  I start out […]

Purely personal: Our garden is awesome

Our garden is really pretty this year.  We got a huge boost of a start with help from a management team (purchased in a charity auction) and have been trying to keep up.  The iris are particularly pretty this year, both dragons are surrounded by flowers, and there is a dog or two in the […]

Guest Blog up at Printsasia: Why read SF & F?

Like most genre writers, I occasionally get the “that’s sweet dear” response when I tell people I write science fiction.  I want to take people and shake them up a bit and demonstrate how many classic and current bestselling work is science fiction or fantasy.  I want to mention the popular Game of Thrones on […]

New column up at Futurismic, in which I rant a bit about climate change

Stop by Futurismic and take a look if you get a chance.  This was  a particularly tough article to write because the problem is so diffuse and our actual knowledge so hard to quantify.  Climate is a complex system full of chaotic elements and strange attractors, including political strangeness.  But the fact that it’s difficult […]