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Fulfillment: The Goodreads Giveaway Process

Goodreads does a book giveaway program.  This is basically a chance for authors or publicists or publishers to give away copies of the book.  I just finished a run through of the program where I gave away 10 copies of Mayan December. I like the process of autographing copies and sticking them in envelopes and […]

Worldcon Report – Belated

I came back from the convention to be swept immediately into busy days and a visit from family. So here is a rather belated and short Worldcon report.  I’m usually by myself at Worldcon, but my long-time friend Gisele from Florida (I met her over half my life ago!) and my partner Toni joined me […]

Mayan December Launch Party and Trailer

I am a bit nervous about the book launch party at Worldcon tomorrow.  It’s the first time I’ve done a book party of any kind (much less at Worldcon).  Louise Marley and I are co-hosting a book launch – for her excellent Brahm’s Deception (Kensington) and for Mayan December (Prime).  Since it’s a year for […]

Reading Recommendation: Heart of Iron, by Ekaterina Sedia

Just finished Heart of Iron last night.  Part steampunk, part penny dreadful, part alternate history, and all fun.  I decided I loved Ekaterina’s writing when I read The Alchemy of Stone, and so I picked this up shortly after it came out.  The two books are very different, but both are full of voice. I […]

In which I receive a precious birthday gift

This is Raffy.  Raffy started out white and un-decorated, and KT the marvelous painted it with galaxies and stars and other bright splashes of multimedia color.  I believe – given the blond hair – that Raffy is supposed to be me clothed in imagination.

The eBook conversation happens everywhere!

Toni and Katie and I spent the day on horseback riding above the rim of the Wai’pio valley on Kona.  The lunch stop was a lovely spot with a waterfall, a lovely pool, and benches to sit on.  There were only three family groups on the ride – us, a Japanese family who did not […]

Clarion West Write-a-Thon Final Update

Just wanted to close the loop on this one.  Clarion West – and the write-a-thon – are both finished now.  In total, the write-a-thon raised over $20,000 for the program, which is fabulous.  So no matter whether you sponsored me or another writer, thanks for the support!  It will go to a great cause. I […]