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Reading Recommendation: Lev Grossman

I stumbled across a lovely essay in the NYT by Lev Grossman just before I left for some recent travel.  And I’d just watched him win the Campbell Award for best new writer – and graciously accept the tiara and wear it well.  Since I hadn’t read any of his fiction, I decided to buy […]

A Good Speech….

I am lucky enough to know one of the best technology futurists – Mark Anderson of SNS.  He runs the best conference I’ve ever attended:  FiRE, or the Future in Review (yes – it’s even better than science fiction cons).  But that’s a different topic.  He also publishes a newsletter, and a piece of that […]

Observations about Australia

I’m about half-way through a trip to Australia.  Yes, there are kangaroos all over.  I find them adorable, but they are also big.  I mean, really big.  I did not imagine how much power they have.  Other things remind me that “down under” is different from home.  The birds all sound different, and birds that […]

9/11/11: Changes in Latitudes, Attitudes…

The strangest things happen to writers.  This morning, I woke up with an essay in my head: I gave a talk to a bunch of eighteen and nineteen year-old students at the University of Washington earlier this week.  None of them were old enough to remember a pre 9/11 world.  They have never traveled without […]

Some Podcast Stories and Recommendations

I’m back far enough from January’s foot surgery to do a lot of dog walking, and thus back to listening to podcasts.  Here are a few that I’ve rather enjoyed lately. Through a chance meeting at Worldcon, I discovered that Adventures in Science Fiction Publishing is back on the air (they have been for a […]