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New Futurismic Column Posted: The Grand Lie

Things can’t go on as they are.  I think that’s what the Occupy people are sensing, even if they aren’t very organized about it.  For my Futurismic column this month, I wrote a bit about what I call The Grand Lie.  Drop by and give it a read….

Marketing Mayan December

Mayan December is different than my other work.  That doesn’t mean readers of The Silver Ship and the Sea might not like it, some clearly do.  But – very different than my other work — every unsolicited email or review or comment has been from a women.  A lot of my science fictions readers are […]

Reading Recommendation: Endurance, by Jay Lake

I liked Green a lot, perhaps the most of all of Jay’s work for far.  Endurance is the sequel to Green, and it’s even better.  I can see why Publisher’s Weekly gave it a starred review.  The word building added more layers to Copper Downs than we saw in Green, and revealed new information in […]

Reading Recommendation: IronWolfe by Darragh Metzger

I saw my friend Darragh Metzger at one of my readings a week ago.  Not only was it fabulous to see her, but I learned that some of her books are now available for the Kindle.  Darragh and I were in the same writing group years ago, and one of the highlights of that time […]