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One of our futures is falling victim to the economy…..

My newest column up talks about the economy, space, and the future we may be creating (or not) out there. Yes, I’m excited about the Mars rover.  But I want more. Drop by Futurismic and take a look at Long Term and Long Distance Thinking.  And just as a reminder of what we can’t […]

Reading Recommendation: The Children of the Sky, by Vernor Vinge

OMG.  I loved this book!  I have reader cookies for big ideas, bright ideas, fabulous world-building, and depth of character.  Vernor is capable of all of that, and he showed his stuff pretty brilliantly in The Children of the Sky. This book is solid science fiction, and as good as A Deepness in the Sky, […]

Congratulations to Daryl Gregory for Unpossible and Other Stories

Unpossible launched two weeks ago at World Fantasy, and has already garnered a “Year’s Best” nod from Publisher’s Weekly.  This is fabulous news for both Daryl and for Fairwood Press, published by Patrick Swenson.  Rose Fox wrote,  “This is a collection to linger over, or to set aside for as long as you can manage […]