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Reading Recommendation: The Kingdom of Gods, by N.K. Jemisin

Well, just tonight I finished The Kingdom of Gods, the third book in N.K. Jemisin’s debut trilogy that started with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.  I loved it.  Reasons?

  1. Sieh as narrator was a tough choice, and well-executed.  Yes, he is the only logical narrator (and I won’t say much about why lest I leave spoilers behind).  To use the voice of a god and actually pull it off is pretty spectacular.
  2. The writing, as always.  Norah is lyrical and pretty in her prose.
  3. The way that it wrapped the series.  The story as  whole is complete.  The mild sense of disjointedness that came from making the first two books be completely different characters in different timelines was redeemed for me, and the whole experience of the trilogy left me feeling quite satisfied.

This is NOT a perfect book.  Nevertheless, I gave it five stars over on Goodreads, largely because the series is so brave and so different and came together so well for me.  I did have to push through the middle of this book – but if you find yourself in the same predicament, just do it.  At least, I feel like it was well worth it.

Do read the whole series.  The first and second books could perhaps be read in any order, but this one relies on knowledge from the first two.


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