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New Economic Model Needed

My column over at Futurismic this month explores the idea that we may need a new economic model.  This came  to me as I was helping the household fifteen-year-old with her middle ages homework, and looked into the class society and the general model of feudalism.  We have changed what we value and how we value it in the past.  In fact, we’ve done with with most revolutionary changes such as the industrial revolution, the information revolution, the probably-coming biological revolution (yes, I know Monsanto exists now).  Someday we may call the current roiling of political and possibly economic models the social revolution.  But I’m wandering a bit – maybe because it’s early.  Drop by my column on New Economies and take a look at a few forces shaping our future economic life.  Add your own ideas if you have time.


I am a writer, public speaker, and a futurist. I’m interested in how new technologies might change us and our world, particularly for the better.

I’m excited about my most recent book series, a duology called “Ruby’s Song” which includes the books The Creative Fire and The Diamond Deep, both published by Pyr.  I’m also doing a non-fiction blog series, Backing into Eden, which comes out roughly twice a month and explores ways to care for the world, now and in the future.

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