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Reading Recommendation: Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Drowned Cities

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows I’m a fan of Paolo’s.  I find his work frighteningly plausible.  His worlds are dark, but unlike most horror which belongs under the covers on a dark night, Paolo’s work should be held up and talked about.  It feels like it could happen. The Drowned Cities is […]

Clarion West Write-a-Thon

Well, it’s Clarion West Write-a-thon time again.  Clarion West is one of the best intensive workshops available for aspiring speculative fiction writers.  The money they raise goes to help with expenses (which are legion) and with scholarships. I hope to have a lot of people sponsor me, even at the price of giving up a […]

The Power of Real-Life Drama, and Dog People

The Internet allows for true outpourings of attention and emotional resonance from time to time.  You can see this in viral videos about cats or dictators, in books or movies that seem to suddenly spring from nothing into the zeitgeist, and in real-life dramas. Two days ago, a well-known and respected dog-trainer was involved in […]

In Which I Speak of Zeke

Zeke is our household robot.  Yes, in a house so full of women that even the dogs are all female, someone-not-me named the vacuum-cleaning robot Zeke.  So I mentioned Zeke in a blog post over at  I used to warn audiences that “The Robots are Coming,” when in reality, “The Robots are Here.”

Time Flies When You’re Eating Cottonwood

Apparently I posted exactly nothing here in May.  Well, I’ve been training:  I plan to ride in an bicycle event from Seattle to Portland in July, and that means about 12 hours a week on the bike (and that’s fewer than I SHOULD be spending).  The rest is writing, which tends to win out over […]